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Exalt 1 Kutz is one of the best barbershops in Plano, featuring first  class service and barbers talented in the art of haircuts and facial grooming.  We offer a full menu of services for men and women, including haircuts,  beard and mustache trimming, straight razor shaves and more. 

The Exalt 1 Kutz Experience

It's all in the Service and the Technique

Cutting, clipping, blending and fading is an art and require skill, technique and attention to detail.  Each part is necessary for a precise haircut or trim.  Wherever you go for your  hair and grooming needs, remember technique is king.   While we work our magic, our clients  enjoy a relaxing, clean and comfortable barbershop environment. Enjoy the latest news and sports on our tvs, read a magazine or just relax - we’ll be right with you. 

The proof of good service is how well-groomed and dapper our clients look when they walk out of the shop, the reviews we receive from our clients and when they tell their family and friends about us. Customer satisfaction is our goal; in the event you’re not satisfied, we’ll make it right.  

 Come see why Exalt 1 Kutz is among the best barbers in Plano. Walk-ins are welcome,  but clients can make  appointments in advance or call ahead to be put on a wait list.  To experience premium customer experience book your appointment today. 

Exalt 1 Kutz offers the best in haircuts, shavings and all your facial grooming needs. Book today!

our services


We'll deliver a premium haircut with precision that will compliment your individual style.

Beards & mustache trim

We'll trim and shape your mustache or beard using scissors and/or timmers.

Straight razor shave

Get a clean straight razor detailing of the hairline and sideburns.  Comes with hot lather and steamed towels. This can be done in addition to haircut or in between haircuts as a cleanup. 


Bald Head shave

Get a clean straight razor head shave, bald. We make bald look good. 

Eyebrow trim

Should guys trim their eyebrows? Absolutely!  Some guys will need a few tugs of the tweezers - others will want some professional shaping. But don’t panic — you’ve got options.  Either way, we've got you covered. 


 Enjoy a refreshing shampoo plus condition treatment using our quality industry products.

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We are open daily and conveniently located at the corner of Coit Road and Parker Road in Plano. Schedule your appointment with us today.  Walk-ins are accepted.


3304 Coit Road, Plano, Texas 75023

(972) 519-0008 or (469) 907-6413



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